Join us Thursdays for Stump Trivia and match your knowledge against our great crowd of patrons! 


A pub tradition, be sure to join us for an evening of trivia every Thursday at 8PM! Test your 'wit and will' with an enthusiastic group of patrons - hosted by Trivia AD


Thurs 8 PM

'Arrive early to get the best seat – whether to you that means by the bar, the trivia host or the bathrooms – order your food, your drinks, and do some light mental stretching with your friends. Get your idle chatting out before the host gets on the mic, because once he or she does you’ll want to give them your full attention!'

Trivia AD

'They’ll explain (although you’ll already know, since you prepared by reading this page, you striver) that the game consists of five rounds – General Knowledge, True False, Quotes, Character Identity, and the fast and furious Lightning Round…Professionally trained staff help make the evening successful.'